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It's an image not a metaphor

After years of marveling at their glorious walls of chaotic sound, we're excited to announce we'll be releasing the latest from Bletchley, UK improv noise band Action Beat this spring. As if that wasn't thrilling enough, the record also features vocals from legendary former vocalist of The Ex, G.W. Sok. And as if THAT wasn't enough, we're releasing it as a 2x10"!! Lots more details coming soon including a European tour and pre-orders.

The new album from Trummors is available now! Recorded with a full-band this time around, it's a slightly more psychedelic take on their brand of space folk and we can't wait to share it. They're on the road this spring previewing some of the new material so stay tuned and we'll have some music for you to check out shortly.

We've also signed NJ rock heroes The Everymen! Trust us that this is one of the most fun live bands you will ever have the pleasure to see - imagine Rocket From the Crypt covering E Street and you're starting to get the idea. Record is available now and they are on the road forever.

Lots of bands in the studio right now as well - Wild Yaks have been hard at work in upstate NY with Kevin McMahon (Titus Andronicus, Swans) and should be finishing up in the next few months. New records on the way later this year from Miniboone and Dinosaur Feathers too, so keep checking back!