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Million Years (CD/LP EJRC096)

wildyaks - waydownhere
  1. A Million Years
  2. Comes Close To You
  3. Father
  4. Other Men
  5. Widow
  6. Angel Eyes
  7. Blood And Wine
  8. Felice
  9. Anabelle
  10. Tomahawk
  11. Golden Door/Many Pretty Girls
  12. Take My Hand
  13. Last Tears
10 Ships (Don't Die Yet!) (CD EJRC060)

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wildyaks - waydownhere
  1. River May Come
  2. Tomahawk
  3. Wish I Had A Whip
  4. Crazy But Not Afraid
  5. Blood Red Field
  6. I'm A Fool
  7. River May Come (LIVE)
  8. Pondering Philospher (LIVE)
  9. Crazy But Not Afraid (LIVE)
  10. Tomahawk (LIVE)
Rob Bryn Vocals and Guitar, Martin Cartegena Drums and Vocals, Jose Aybar Bass and Vocals
"a roman candle of a band"- The New York Times

"one of those cult bands that people either know and love, or don't know at all. Point is, those that do care, really care. We're firmly in the caring camp"- Fader

"the Yaks are a punk band at heart. They place passion before posturing, and that's why their set was easily the realest thing I've seen in several years of CMJ"- Time Out New York

Million Years: 13 songs of hearbreak and triumph with four Brooklyn wildmen singing their hearts and souls out. 3 years of song distilled into a completely honest and charm drenched album that screams at the devil for tempting us with love. Mixed by Matt Boynton (kurt vile, mgmt, beirut) and mastered by Joe La Porta (Beach House, Bjork, Twin Shadow)

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