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Moorish Highway (CD/LP EJRC106)

gabe lp
  1. Vigil
  2. Bogus Bruce
  3. Strangers From Now On
  4. Early Morning Rain
  5. Branches Divide
  6. Hearts For The Trump
  7. Autumn Gold
  8. Moorish Highway
  9. Pessimistic Bluebird
  10. Tilden
  11. Always Seems To Rain

Over And Around The Clove (CD/LP EJRC090)

gabe lp
  1. Cold on McGuinness Boulevard
  2. Odessa
  3. Over and Around the Clove
  4. Ever Do I Wait
  5. Salinas
  6. Platte Clove Road
  7. Fields Of Fire
  8. It Won't Take Long
  9. Knoxville, TN
  10. Soggy Rose
  11. Grow Too Old


Sean Hallarman - Big Hassle

Anne Cunningham
Vocals, Drums, Harmonium
David Lerner Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica

Begun in 2010 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Trummors are a duo formed by songwriter Anne Cunningham and longtime New York City musician David Lerner, known best to some for his years of work with Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. The two multi-instrumentalists focus on acoustic instrumentation, incorporating harmonium, fingerstyle guitar, and close-harmony dual vocals into their warm sound. Early on in the group's existence, Cunningham and Lerner moved from Brooklyn to the considerably calmer surroundings of Woodstock in upstate New York. Trummors debut album, Over and Around the Clove, was released in 2012 and reflected their recent change of scenery with its lushly earthy songs and slightly psychedelic filter on a '70s pop sound.

Moorish Highway is the follow-up to Trummors' first LP, and expands on the country-folk duo format of their debut.

Calling on a cast of talented backing players including drummer Otto Hauser (Vetiver), guitarist Kevin Barker (Johanna Newsom), bassist James Preston (Zachary Cale), and pedal steel guitarist Marc Orleans (D. Charles Speer and the Helix), Moorish Highway was recorded at Drawing Room in Kingston, NY by Justin Rice (Bishop Allen), and mixed by Eli Walker at Isokon in Woodstock, NY.

While Trummors' signature harmonium drones and vocal harmonies remain, the duo visit new sonic territory as well: "Bogus Bruce" chugs along with a metronomic groove, while "Strangers From Now On" nods to classic Merseybeat. A spare version of Gordon Lightfoot's "Early Morning Rain", long a staple of the duo's live set, rounds out a dynamic sophomore effort inspired by the singer-songwriter era, but from a point of view that is all Trummors' own.

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