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Can't Stop Thinking About You b/w Pale Blue Skies (7" EJRC123)

    A. Can't Stop Thinking About You
    B. Pale Blue Skies

Ashley Anderson Morey
Justin Angelo Morey

There's a long lineage of bands who've taken the girl-group sound of the 60s to a more bombastic level. Melding those classic pop hooks of the past with a more chaotic musical setting. First the Ramones, then the Jesus & Mary Chain onto modern groups like Phantogram or Cults. Now comes the husband wife duo of Sunshine & The Rain, who's sound adds pummeling drum machines to a distorted, intense guitar feedback laden assault below classic pop hooks.

S&R's Justin Morey grew up in Jersey City, NJ listening to the eclectic sound of the local radio to shape their sound. Taking influence the noisey underground sound that would come from nearby WFMU sand the burgeoning hip hop of DJ Red Alert on KISS-FM. A veteran of groups like The Rye Coalition and The Black Hollies, you can hear his past endeavors shine through in the abrasive edge and the psychedelic tinge they bring to give the group a fresh new direction on the tradition of this musical lineage. The two members split the vocals but the lead vocals of Ashley Anderson Morey string the sound together. It's not easy putting pop hooks on top all of this chaos but it ends up strung together in a cool vibe that keeps the sound in a classic pop footing.

Sunshine & The Rain

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