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Never Go Home / The Ballad Of Lee Mellon (EJRC087)

Nouvellas - st
  1. Never Go Home
  2. The Ballad Of Lee Mellon

Nouvellas (CD EJRC053)

Nouvellas - st
  1. Baby You Change Your Mind
  2. Satisfied Mp3
  3. Don't Count On Me
  4. Can't Take It
  5. Right Kind Of Woman
  6. Come Back
  7. I've Got A Feeling
  8. These Days Are Gone
  9. Can You Feel It
  10. Reputation
  11. Right Kind Of Woman (Part Two)

Satisfied b/w Right Kind Of Woman (7" EJRC042)

Nouvellas - Satisfied
  1. Satisfied
  2. Right Kind Of Woman

Jaime Kozyra
- Vocals, Leah Fishman - Vocals, Joseph Babic - Bass, Dennis Pierce - Guitar Andrew Pierce - Drums

Ex-Dansettes Jaime and Leah do the singing with Joe on bass and the brothers Pierce on guitar and drums. We play music that we like. Country, soul, rock n roll, folk; we don't discriminate. We have lots to celebrate these days: the release of our new single Never Go Home/ the Ballad of Lee Mellon (feat. Daddy Long Legs on the harmonica and Jon Gonnelli of the Black Hollies on guitar), recorded entirely by us in our guitar player's basement, the new album we're working on and the baby girl that Joe and Jaime are working on-- both due sometime in October!

We might not see you for a little while; the plan is to make it down to Memphis to finish our album at Sun Studios though--- it's gonna be a great summer!


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