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Drew Isleib


Stride (CD EJRC089)
Drew Isleib - Landing
  1. Every Hour On The Hour
  2. True
  3. Ice Sculptor
  4. Stride
  5. The Tones
  6. Happy
  7. Easy Now
  8. The Coast Is Clear
  9. Important
  10. Everyone Your Age
  11. Chinese Dragons
  12. No Love Is Lost

Landing (CD EJRC022)
Drew Isleib - Landing
  1. Full Circle Mp3
  2. Jar
  3. What Was Strange
  4. Valentina
  5. Lost/Locked Mp3
  6. Nickel
  7. Commute
  8. Sleep
  9. First Girl
  10. Well Past Two

The Build (CD EJRC014)
Drew Isleib - The Build
  1. Bouncing
  2. All Or Nothing
  3. What You Were Not
  4. When The Ink Runs
  5. The Victims
  6. Little Pearl Mp3
  7. Won
  8. Call Me In The Morning
  9. 8 Stories High
  10. Pile Up
  11. Through The Guardrail Mp3
  12. Counting Up
  13. You Were A Song Mp3

Sounds Through The Wall (CD EJRC003)
Drew Isleib - The Build
  1. Drinking Or Drowning
  2. Vodka
  3. Tore Your Hair Out
  4. You Were A Song
  5. Orion
  6. Loneliest Road
  7. Matter Of Time
  8. 8%
  9. God Damn
  10. Trunk Mp3
  11. Pinkest Places
  12. I Am Going Home
  13. Victoria Dubois

"Doing the damaged boy + guitar + alcohol thing better than anyone else around” - Portland Mercury

"When your voice is one of the two instruments you have to rely on, it had better be at least as good as your guitarwork, and Isleib passes that test with a charm that evades most of his contemporaries." - Splendid

Drew Isleib
Vocals, guitar, keys, etc

Ever get the feeling you should pack all your belongings in the car and drive around the country playing your music to the masses? Drew Isleib did, so he took to the road and crisscrossed the states, setting up shows on couches, in backyards, and anywhere else that people were willing to listen. Along the way, he unloaded the stories and songs from his home-recorded solo opus Sounds Through The Wall, a 3-years in the making debut that chronicled his inner restlessness and romantic missteps. He shared stages with artists as diverse as Against Me!, The Radar Bros. and Ours. It was a hell of a way to start a career.

Since his initial adventure, Isleib has continued to tour, both as a solo artist on stages and couches across the country, as a member of classic pop excavators and honorary Liverpudlians Scoville Unit, and with his own personal Crazy Horse, the indomitable Long Shadows. He spent an obsessive two years sweating out some personal demons and life-coaching his way through a remarkable self-scrutiny resulting in his second studio effort, The Build. Recorded with a host of guest musicians and a choir of drunken New Haven revelers, The Build contains barroom stomps, teen anthems, folk musings, and some damn good rockers.

After a brief respite, Isleib returned once again in 2006 with the brilliant stripped down Landing. Showing a frightening maturity and growth in songwriting ability, the record, featuring only Isleib on guitar and vocals, may just be his finest yet. He followed it up with yet another summer of couch touring, and is currently settled into New York where he is working on new material.



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