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Double Ferrari (LP EJRC139)

  1. The Rube-Goldberg Chord
  2. Warbringer of Impossible Mind-Tetris
  3. Double Ferrari
  4. National Anthem
  5. The Giant
  6. Thumbs Up Molten Steel
  7. Melted Tongue
  8. Challenger
  9. Temple of Ramone
  10. Triumph Fatigue
  11. Nuke The Whales

Jace Bartet
Luke Fields
Bryant Williamson
Ryan Houchens

Double Ferrari explores the vibrational and harmonic capabilities of the electric guitar in a high-energy, uptempo hard rock context. Their self-titled debut album was produced by Tim Green at Louder Studios (The Fucking Champs, Melvins, Joanna Newsom) in Grass Valley, CA and is being released by Ernest Jenning Record Co. on vinyl, compact disc, and Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge.

Guitarists Jace Bartet and Bryant Williamson, drummer Ryan Houchens, and Bass VI player Luke Fields have each cut teeth to the point of fangs in various bands for over a decade, with current projects spanning stylistically from the relentlessly propulsive juggernaut of Cinemechanica and the DIY multimedia experiment of Bit Brigade, to the exuberant big-band folk rock of Family and Friends. With the tools of melody, harmony, and rhythm in hand, the component pieces of Double Ferrari construct a canopy of sound under which a sincere belief in the inclusive, engaging, and affirming power of rock and roll is sheltered.

Instrumental music can be about something. By eschewing vocals, Double Ferrari asserts that the human voice is merely one among many instruments that may or may not be included in music. The stories of Double Ferrari songs are subjective, but real, and there for the taking. Close your eyes and have your own adventure.

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