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Chris Mills





Heavy Years (2000-2010) (CD EJRC074)
Chris Mills - The Wall to Wall Sessions
  1. All Our Days And Nights Mp3
  2. Atom Smashers
  3. A Farewell To Arms
  4. Such A Beautiful Thing
  5. Sleeptalking
  6. You Are My Favorite Song
  7. Diamond
  8. All You Ever Do
  9. Suicide Note
  10. Nightmare at 10,000 Feet
  11. Heavy Years
  12. Watch Chain
  13. Escape From New York
  14. Signal Noise Mp3
Living In The Aftermath (CD EJRC038)
Chris Mills - The Wall to Wall Sessions
  1. Calling All Comrades
  2. Living In The Aftermath
  3. Nightmare At 20,000 Feet
  4. Untitled No. 1
  5. Such A Beautiful Thing
  6. Blackbirds
  7. Atom Smashers Mp3
  8. I Guess This Is Why (They Invented Goodbye)
  9. All's Well That Ends
  10. Can't Believe

The Wall to Wall Sessions (CD EJRC018)
Chris Mills - The Wall to Wall Sessions
  1. Chris Mills Is Living The Dream Mp3
  2. Escape From New York
  3. Dancing On The Head Of A Pin
  4. A Farewell To Arms
  5. Mothra (Will You Please Be Quiet)
  6. In The Time Of Cholera
  7. The World Some Sad Hour
  8. Everything About The Heart
  9. You Are My Favorite Song Mp3
  10. Constellations

"The strongest album of Mills' career, as well as a
testament to the communial spirit of Chicago's indie-rock underground." - Jim DeRogatis (Chicago Sun Times)

"The most gorgeous piece of chamber pop released this year." - Atlanta Journal & Constitution

Chris Mills
- Vocals, Guitar

With the release of the decade encompassing retrospective Heavy Years: 2000-2010 long time fans have a new opportunity to trace Mills' evolution from Chicago alt-country refugee to an astute purveyor of orchestral pop and true American song-craft, while the uninitiated may quite possibly be on the verge of discovering their favorite new songwriting voice. By combining recent material with tracks from his four most recent albums, this collection gives testament to Mills' consistent ability to wrap savvy commentary and emotional realism into mini-studio masterpieces. At turns slyly romantic and heartbreakingly cleareyed, Mills' songs are packed with enough winks and asides to let the listener know that even though things seem tragic, at least they're not alone.

In late 90's Chicago, Mills rose to local prominence through collaborations with Mekons Jon Langford and Sally Timms, and on bills with acts like Steve Earle, Wilco, Neko Case, My Morning Jacket et. al. But while many would find comfort solely mining the rich soil of Americana music en vogue at the time, Mills was never completely at home within the genres somewhat narrow confines - perhaps first evidenced on tracks like "Signal/Noise", the closing number on 2000's Kiss It Goodbye, a post-modern homage to Phil Spector's wall of sound masterminded by producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Josh Ritter, Iron and Wine).

Over the next decade Mills would travel constantly throughout the United States and Europe, developing a loyal following and touring with artists including Ben Folds, Andrew Bird, Califone, Bishop Allen, The Handsome Family, and Lucero. Heavy Years: 2000-2010 draws from the four albums he created during this period, and documents how Mills' evolving production and musical ideas kept pace with his constantly developing song writing acumen. Currently living in Brooklyn, NY, Mills is working on songs for his next project, tentatively titled, The Soldier Is The Castle.



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