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Charles Burst

The Famous Patient (LP EJRC066)
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  1. Tin House
  2. Watching You Bathe
  3. The Famous Patient
  4. Someone Else's Blues
  5. Don't Cry On Me
  6. Home Schooled
  7. Some Things You Need To Know
  8. She's All You Got
  9. Sleeping In The Park
  10. I Wanted It To End

  11. LP includes Digital Download
Nighbor Song / Idiot Song (7" EJRC072)
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  1. Neighbor Song
  2. Idiot Song

  3. 7" includes Digital Download of 7" tracks & LP tracks

Come Home And Feast (CD EJRC043)

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Charles Burst - Come Home And Feast
  1. Nautical
  2. House Arrest
  3. The Empty Room
  4. Girl On The Rocks
  5. Blow The Fire Out
  6. Bars Mp3
  7. I Came Back for the Children
  8. Nights Out
  9. The Long Way
  10. Come Home and Feast

"Debut solo release from Charles Burst, formerly of the much-loved Brooklyn band the Occasion. For all of that group's psychedelic exploration, they always had a knack for hovering around the more sun-burnt and desert wind-swept margins of Americana, and as Burst steps out front on his own we find him bringing that whole area of interest way more into focus, combined with a much tighter song writing effort than his previous associates ever evinced. There's a real satisfyingly forlorn country vibe throughout the album, but he also somehow manages to evoke a bit of the sound and desolation of John Lennon's first solo LP. It's a great and rich combination, and a compelling exploration of some of the more dusty margins of American music." - Other Music
"Charles Burst drummed and sang in the (much missed) Occasion, but those in the know had more than an inkling that Burst is a songwriter at heart. He now sits at a piano, when he isn't playing guitar that is, and if his clear-sky melodies don't immediately resemble the Occasion's dramatic psych-pop, they have a similar way of rolling out and spreading over you." - Time Out NY

Charles Burst
- Vocals, Guitar, Keys, with Jim D'Amico, Patrick McCarthy, Jason Labbe, John Bartley, Brent Cordero, Yoed Nir, Marlon Sporer, Aaron Gemmil, and Erica Dicker

Charles Burst is a songwriter from New York City. Prior to launching a solo career, he played drums and sang in the psychedelic rock quintet The Occasion. Active from 2000-2006, The Occasion released two albums, and toured the US with Acid Mothers Temple, Interpol, Make Believe, and The Ponys. Since then, Charles has recorded two LP's under his own name for Ernest Jenning Records - 2009's Come Home and Feast, and The Famous Patient, due July 2010. He continues to work as a freelance drummer, joining Julian Plenti, AC Newman, and Begushkin on recent albums and tours.



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